New Look. Fresh Start. Same Fit Lanie.


Sometimes you just need a fresh start. So here we are.

Over the past few months, I have reorganized my life. Prioritized, if you will. Put important things at the top of the list. Less important things on the bottom. And some things are just off the list all together. Sadly, posting to my blog had been bumped- way, way, way down the list. Now, it wasn’t for a lack of wanting to post. It was really more of a lack of making the time to post. But that has changed. I love my blog. I love you reading my blog. And I love the great joy that writing brings me. Hence, blogging is back on the radar and on the priority list!

So be prepared. I have big plans for this blog. Recipes. Fitness tips. Life stories. And maybe, just maybe, some giveaways.

Until next time…


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